I am an about-to-be-empty nester in my late ’50s. I lived through Kennedy’s assassination, Vietnam, Watergate, the ’70’s, Sex, Drugs and Rock n’ Roll-all that good stuff. I was fortunate to have a very good education and after receiving a MFA in Arts Administration, fundraised for many sorts of not-for-profit organizations. My focus was on funding for literature, and I worked in the heady world of New York City publishing in the 1980’s. Raising three children in suburban NYC, Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania and Winnetka Illinois, I involved myself with many schools, made many mom-friends and tried my best, every day, to raise my children so that they could figure out their own dreams and passions. So far, so good. So what is this blog about? It is about parenting adult children. It is about getting older. It is about the past, the present and the future. It is hopefully witty, and not preachy, though it is awfully tempting to begin a sentence with “back in the day, blah, blah, blah.” Please put me back on track if I head there. It is about figuring out who you are, what matters, and who matters. It is about being a woman, a spouse, a mother, a daughter, a sister, an aunt, a member of communities. I hope you will follow my journey. I have no houses to renovate–already done that. I have no recipes to share–I’ve made most of them. I have no current baby stories to tell–my god, there were so many–I am past most of that. Bear with me. My stories are about the next stage. They are about Golden Pond, the Road Less Taken, The Best is Yet to Come, When I’m 64.


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